Ryan Wetzel
Coach, Mentor, Motivator
Speaking Engagements 
In his presentation Ryan speaks of issues surrounding depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation and how to overcome each of the emotions involved with a few healthy steps. His delivery is powerful and his message is from the heart, speaking with attendees about his own battles throughout his life. 

Presentation Topics
  • Suicide Prevention -  As former board member of the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention Montana Chapter and longtime Suicide Prevention Specialist in Montana, Ryan enlightens his assemblage using a combination of personal and professional experiences, sharing his story to the audience of how he overcame suicidal ideation and also how he helped individuals that were suicidal get back on track and start living their lives again
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse - In his delivery, Ryan talks about his extensive work with abusers and the devastating effects addiction has on people who use drugs and/or alcohol on a daily basis. Along with his professional stories, he shares his personal journey of how he lost family members and friends to drug and alcohol related deaths.
  • Anti-bullying - With the growing issues surrounding bullying, Ryan explains his personal experiences and how he addressed them to the right personnel. He emphasizes the importance of reporting concerns of being bullied, as well as, helping a family member, friend or peer talk to someone about a potential situation. 
  • Depression and Anxiety - For the past 12 years working in the mental health field, Ryan touches on major components of depression and anxiety and how they both can completely redirect someone's thought process if not treated appropriately. He speaks to the audience about his personal dealings with both. 
  • Positive vs Negative Coping Skills - Gaining understanding on the importance of how to help yourself feel better, Ryan explains his desire to work through his challenges and stressors by not using drugs or alcohol but by taking simple steps to better himself, choosing such things as exercise, reading uplifting books as well as other activities that generate a positive attitude. 
  • Communication - Using insightful lessons learned, Ryan speaks to attendees about his experiences working through ways of sharing how he feels and what concerns him. He address the importance of speaking direct about issues surrounding the well being of himself and others and how he learned to share his emotions throughout the process. This helps folks understand how impactful healthy communication can be for each individual.  

#Iwilllead Campaign

The #Iwilllead Campaign is a commitment from the attendees to become leaders in their life. They take the initial step in becoming a better role model, communicator, advocate for others and dedication towards creating a better life for themselves, positively effecting peers along the way! Currently  there are over 200 students and adults who have dedicated their life to being a leader in the #Iwilllead campaign!! 

Join the team and become a leader with us!!!

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