Coach, Mentor, Motivator
Being the middle son of five boys, I learned to be a competitor at a very young age. I was brought up in a home where playing in as many sports as possible would help me develop into a productive and determined person on and off the playing field.  

As the son of a highly recognized Native American Athlete and coach, my athletic ability came to me at a very young age. I was brought up to appreciate and compete in the world of sports as I grew and matured. Throughout my young career I always found myself taken away by the incredible game of basketball. It was there that I found my burning desire to become the best I could be. I was destined to find recognition as an athlete.

I grew into my body physically as fast as my skills developed. At age thirteen I stood 5'11'' and could slam dunk on a ten foot basket. I eventually reached the height of 6'4" and my skills became notable in my early years of high school. In the process I was diagnosed with compartment syndrome in my right leg and missed most of a season. My chronic leg injury never fully recovered from multiple surgeries decreasing my strength. I performed at only 80% for the remainder of my athletic career. Not fully deterred, I continued to compete. 

After high school I signed a full ride scholarship with Northwest College in Wyoming. At the time the Trappers ranked third in the highly competitive Region IX conference. Through a relationship with Hall of Fame Coach Ken Rochlitz, I learned to be a competitor with an understanding of the game. I was adjusting quickly to the speed of college basketball. Upon completion of my sophomore season, I suffered a third degree sprain during open gym with new recruits. It would take six months to heal completely. Regardless, my two year Trapper career garnered a large number of NAIA and NCAA offers. I chose to head home and attend Montana State University Billings.

In the process of attending MSUB my junior year, focusing on healing and academics, I felt the desire to compete, making the decision to continue my college basketball career the following season with the NCAA Division II Yellowjackets Men's Basketball team. Coach Craig Carse was at the helm. He was a well respected coach who had been part of the recruiting process for NBA Hall of Fame center Shaquille O'Neal when working as an assistant coach for the LSU Tigers Men's basketball program. Unfortunately, throughout the course of what would be my senior season, my compartment syndrome, along with damaged tendons, began to hamper my ability to compete at the top level, leaving me to take a medical red shirt after my forth game. This unfortunately marked the end of my college basketball career. 

After taking three years off from competitive play, I decided to make my way back to the floor and compete at a higher level. From 2006 to 2009, I pursued a professional basketball career and began traveling the country and parts of Europe playing in highly competitive tournaments and leagues. In 2006, I helped lead my team to a 2nd place finish at the National Indian Athletic Association tournament in Florida. I also received All Star honors. That same year, I entered the Continental Basketball Association draft where I was invited to participate in a couple pro camps as a free agent. In 2008, I was selected to the Montana-Wyoming Men's Tribal Leaders National Team. Following in 2009, I played Second League Pro A basketball in Germany. I retired following my playing career in Europe. 

Now, I work as a personal basketball trainer, teaching individual and group lessons to both youth and adults who want to learn the fundamentals of the game. I have instructed well over 100 student athletes individually throughout the course of my program which was established in 2006. In my experience, I've watched former clients go on to play collegiately and even professionally. I also co-star in the basketball documentary Never Too Late which was nominated for the Big Sky Award at the 2016 Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. 

My other talents and working ventures consist of corrections, case management, suicide prevention, drug and alcohol awareness and prevention, as well as, motivational speaking. In regards to my education, I have an Associates of Arts degree in Behavioral Science from the University of Montana and a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Studies from Montana State University Billings. I am happily married with a beautiful family and they are my main motivation for success.
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