Ryan Wetzel
Coach, Mentor, Motivator

Behind the scenes of the award nominated basketball documentary Never Too Late 

Co-star of the award nominated basketball documentary NEVER TOO LATE Ryan Wetzel brings you into his world of trials and tribulations, connecting to his audience with heartfelt reality of the unexpected obstacles life can deliver at times. From being defeated to bouncing back, Ryan takes you through his journey as a superstar athlete destined for greatness, to, in an instant, losing it all to a rare leg injury forcing him to rethink his purpose in life. 

As a child Ryan was a gifted athlete who had the ability to do big things in the world of sports. In his journey Ryan became well known for his athletic abilities, slam dunking a basketball on a 10 foot hoop at 13 years old. Throughout his high school years, Ryan developed compartment syndrome, a chronic leg injury, which would hamper his ability to run, jump and participate in sports at 100 percent. Redirecting himself, Ryan began to push through, striving to make a change, never giving up on his athletics and his love for the game of basketball. He also discovered a new calling along the way, finding that people he encountered needed encouragement and belief that they can make a change for the better in their life! 

Soon after his college basketball career, Ryan began striving to make a difference in people’s lives, sharing his life experiences, eventually mentoring all ages from youth to criminal offenders from various areas of corrections. Now in his late thirties, Ryan has mentored thousands of children, teens and adults! His dream of building people up has taken shape giving him opportunities to save lives! 

For over a decade, Ryan has been a coach and mentor on the basketball court, utilizing his experience playing at the professional basketball level both in the United States and Europe. He maintains the title of Prevention Specialist for Western Montana Mental Health. Primarily working hand in hand with law enforcement, therapist, community organizations, churches, and schools, Ryan network's in hopes of making people aware of the issues surrounding drug and alcohol abuse and suicide. Along with his personal and professional experience, Ryan has an extensive educational track. He has degrees in both behavioral science and psychology, as well as, a long list of certifications. Ryan is a certified QPR and ASIST suicide prevention trainer and a professional motivational speaker. He is also a proud father and supportive husband!

Ryan Wetzel speaks to middle school and high school students in Montana
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